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It's a personal project, and as such, nothing you find here is supposed to be of any particular or specific value to you.

The opinions I voice are solely my own. I take full responsibility for them.

The content I place on this site is provided and produced by me unless otherwise stated. I own the rights of all content unless otherwise stated. I usually use Creative Commons licencing. Unless otherwise stated, all content is:

This site should be a place that doesn't contain any major errors beyond mere opinion, let alone immoral or illegal content. Should you ever find reason to doubt that, please feel free to contact me.

Freedom of speech is important to me - but it doesn't mean a free-for-all at unreasonable thinking and behaviour. Keep that in mind before trying to contact me.

The opinions on sites I link to are solely the responsibility of those site's administrators. Should you ever encounter a link to a site with questionable content (strictly in the legal sense!), please point me to the cause of your complaint.

NOTE 1 (20-04-26): I am currently looking into ways of adding a sufficiently secure contact form to the site. This won't take forever ... I've run into problems with reCAPTCHA but see a route to sort them out.

NOTE 2 (20-04-27): I will also have to add an "Impressum" - it's in the works.

moonmind.net is

  • a personal project
  • an attempt to stay awake
  • nothing special